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An excellent newsletter for word lovers

Anu Garg has been publishing, from, a newsletter called “A Word A Day” (AWAD). It is wonderfully edifying, frequently funny, and generally uplifting. This past week, the theme was profanity, with reflections from all angles. Here is a summary.

Your thoughts?

A different kind of selfy

What is “writing”? Is it limited to letters and numbers–or can it include more? Tell me what you think of this.

Maria Popova’s list of 100 favorite books for 2016

I know of no resource for authors like Brain Pickings, a blog by Maria Popova, an exquisitely sensitive thinker, researcher, and writer. She loves books, philosophy, philosophers, and Big Thoughts, as well as children’s books. Click here for her list of books, then sign up for her free weekly summary.

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“Which punctuation mark are you?”

This blog entry is silly and fun. Some commenters, on the blog where it appears, apparently took it seriously. Lighten up, aspiring writers! I read The Write Practice, and have often found useful tips and information in it. I like its tone, which is invariably positive and supportive. Today it invited me to take a […]

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Your favorite sentence

When I decided recently to restart my blog here, I began collecting topics I might write about. But I keep happening across blogs who say the sort of thing I would like to have said. This has led me to a troubling question–troubling because of its ego-chilling implications: Can I serve my audience better by […]

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Need some encouragement? Watch this short video!

I hope you find it as encouraging as I do! Click here and enjoy this brief and astonishing three-minute clip.

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George Saunders on story

I’m just getting to know George as an author. This video is a wonderful introduction to him and his thinking.

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And While We’re On The Grammar Theme…

Thought for the day If you are using an adverb you have chosen the wrong verb Mark Kelly I picked this up on, an interesting aggregator. Its nature seems to vary between dark and negative, and just interesting. I recommend it… cautiously. You may know what Mark Twain said about “very”: “…substitute ‘damn’ every […]

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The Diaeresis: Punctuation Lore From The New Yorker’s Comma Queen

This is a delightful — and very brief — lesson. Enjoy!

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Notes are about remembering. Sure, “just jot it down”; and “The lightest pencil beats the strongest memory”; and… you get the idea. But notes are so, well, personal. Some like them in pen or pencil; some like them typed. Some like to draw as well as write; others like to include pictures, screencaps, videos, audio […]

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