Amazon and Copyblogger: Great for title research

Go to and click on the “Bestsellers” tab at the top of the home page. Seek out your category; they are listed on the left. Note books that are in your topic area; for each one that strikes your interest, make a note of its title and its rank.

Collect 10 or 15 titles and their ranks in this way.

Now go to this site and read “Headline Hacks.” (If you want to read an inspiring story, go here to learn about the author, Copyblogger Assistant Editor Jon Morrow.)

Your brain is now seeded with the titles of successful books. It has also begun to be patterned with successful copy writing headlines. A book title is similar in function to a headline: It’s designed to capture the reader, to get them to read the ad–or the table of contents of the book.

Pick a few titles and share them with friends and colleagues; ask for their thoughts about them.

When you see the right one, you’ll know it.



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