Reggio for parents

As I am re-reading my favorite literature of early Childhood Education, I ran into an interesting chapter the book “Next Step Toward Teaching The Reggio Way”.  It is called “Thinking with Parents About learning”. After 7 years of work with parents in a parents coop setting, I felt such a comfort reading colleagues in Missouri facing the same challange that I faced, and using the Reggio way to get progress!

My challange in the coop setting was:how to get the parents involved in their child’s learning? In a coop setting, I did not have other teachers to document, and I have to work with the parents. How could I focus them on the children’s conversation? Their interest? Their ideas? There was so much anxiety around conflict resolutions, problem solving and other ways to control children’s behavior, that just observing, listening and learning did not seem to be given a chance.

In this chapter, the writer are reporting a Reggio way to focus parents attention to their child’s learning, beyond just presenting them with documenting boards.  They are describing using the Reggio way to give parents learning experiences of their own, to reflect on and than to reflect on it’s connection to their child’s learning process.

Did you ever thought about the relationship between your learning process as a parent, to your child’s learning process? Do you think you learn differently then your child? Did you find similarities? can you share your thoughts and experiences?

Thank you!

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