Holiday safety

Winter holidays are a lot of fun, and hold a lot of beauty: the lights, the colors, the smells, the music. There are visits and visitors, crowds in the mall, and so much more. But also: There is the hectic kitchen, the hot oil on the stove, and the candles and electic wires, the noise, the wild schedule, and everyone’s stress that comes from trying to make it the perfect holiday.

Both these extremes do not affect the very young child in positive ways. The child’s routine is disturbed, the house has new rules, parents the parents’ attention is stretched to the breaking point

Children do not need the perfect holiday. They will have other opportunities to make it more of a grown-up event. To make the holiday a child-centered one, it must be stress-free. Even if it means not so many decorations, not so many runs to the mall, not so much shopping, and not so many cookies. Just as long as the child is not fussy, and does not cause the parents to feel the baby is interering with it all.

If you are disappointed because you dreamt of more involvement for your child in the holiday spirit, just remember that there is next year, when the child will be able to join in and handle more, and more years to follow.

And in the meantime, you can enjoy the holiday from your young child’s point of view!

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