What does a mother want on Mothers’ Day?

Mother’s Day

Yesterday I had a wonderful experience:

I was in the elevator of this fancy Whole Food market, and two young man were chatting. I overheard one say to the other: “Next week is Mothers Day–what are you getting for your mom?” The other guy say he doesn’t know yet.

I was trying to let them have their private conversation, and I am not sure why one of them started to talk to me: “What do you want for Mothers Day, Ma’am?”

He was very polite. He was wearing a  huge straw sombrero, like he just came from a fun party. But his smile was honest, and I was honest with him. I told him what I like best for Mothers Day is time with my children. I do not want to be in restaurants, or get presents. I do want just to spend a day with my already grown children.

This young man smiled with relief: “Oh, yes, you are so right. Thank you for your advice. You are so right!” I could see I touched him in a deep way, that it made sense to him; that he, too, would like to spend time with his mom. Doing that would directly express his love and appreciation, without the need for a meal in a crowded restaurant or a gift that just stands in the way of a good hug.

Happy Mothers Day to you!

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