The day after MOTHER’S DAY

Is every day Mother’s Day? Should it be?

It is nice for us moms to receive special attention on Mother’s Day: the flowers, the presents, the hugs, and the kisses. Yes, it is nice to be noticed and appreciated. Do you want it every day?

To me, it would feel awkward. I do not do what I do as a mother to get attention, to get flowers and all the rest. I don’t make breakfast, do laundry, go shopping, wipe tears and give hugs to be noticed. I do it for the family, to make my vision for my family come true, to support the one who needs support, to guide and re-direct and teach right from wrong. To hope.

As a parent, I know a thing or two about what is ahead on this winding road, and I want to prepare my children to deal with the things they do not know about yet, to be able to get up when they fall and try again. I want to tend to their well-being, present and future. I want to accompany them all the way to that future. I want to be their cheerleader, and witness their journey and their accomplishments.

And for me, being acknowledged at every step would just be distracting. Parenting is not about me. It is about my children, about my family. I enjoy getting feedback once in a while, but not at every step. Parenting is about flowing with the river of life, and not sitting on the river’s bank and watch it flow without you.

That is why, as much as I love Mother’s Day, I love the days after Mother’s Day. The days that I AM a mother, day in and day out, with all its ups and downs, frustrations and exuberance, certainties and doubts–a whole year of struggles, learning, teaching, crying and laughing, until another Mother’s Day.

By then, it is nice to get the attention and be recognized….

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