Fathers’ Day Thanks

I want to share with you the poem my husband write to all the fathers in his life:

This is a poem for Father’s Day
Because rhymes sometimes can help me to say
The things that elude the words conventional
Which often sound flat, and two-dimensional.

Fatherhood’s not a role that you or I take lightly;
It affects what we think and feel, daily and nightly.
It connects us to children, as well as to wives;
And makes us remember our own dads and their lives.

Our dads and their dads did the best that they could
To bring us up right, to know all we should,
To give us the heart to be good dads and men,
Who know when to say, “No!” and when, “Amen!”

As father, step-father, grandfather, or “other,”
I want to share what I once told my dear brother:
“Our dad always loved us, and wanted the best
For us. What we do with that is how we’ll be blessed.”

Said Wordsworth, “The child is father to the man.”
So father we ourselves, as best we can.
And as to other children we become “father”–
My experience says: It’s worth the bother.

Worth the sacrifice, worth the pain;
Because of love, it all becomes gain!
And when the sons take flight as dads–
We take joy in having been their launching pads!

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