Dalia Orr

Dalia has many years of teaching experience, working with all ages — from toddlers and school-age kids to college students and adults. She earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree in Israel, where she worked with school-age children and their families, helping students from developing countries adjust and succeed in a mainstream school system. Her MA in Human Development is from Pacific Oaks College, in Pasadena, California. She is also a credentialed adult education teacher in the state of California.

After immigrating to  the USA in 1975, Dalia raised her children while learning about this new culture, participating in playgroups, and discovering Las Madres, Raffi, and Pete Seeger. She got involved as a volunteer in her children’s preschool and found her next calling: Early-childhood education.

In her her MA from Pacific Oaks College, she focused on science education for preschooler,s and methods of teaching it to preschool teachers. Working in the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, Dalia refined her study of science education through working with Head Start and developing many fun and age-appropriate science activities.

Working at the museum, Dalia had the opportunity to collaborate on developing interactive exhibits, to develop a variety of parent/child workshops, to train preschool teachers, and to facilitate creative learning experiences for young children. In her work at a co-op preschool, Dalia combined her experiences of working with children and teaching parents. She was inspired by the preschool program of Reggio Emilia, a town in Italy known for its innovative approach, where high expectations from the children–continuous observation, listening and dialoguing with them, and honoring their parents as the child’s first teachers–guide the teaching.

Dalia brings to coaching all these experiences, along with a passion for empowering young parents to grow comfortably into the role of parents with courage, a sense of wonder, love, forgiveness and hope.

Dalia speaks English and Hebrew.

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  1. Dalia:

    Hello!!! It’s your old Children’s Faire buddy here! I do not work for neither the City or E3 any longer. I am now a teaching artist. I love what you are doing. Maybe we can collaborate somehow. My “baby” is eight years old now and in second grade. I can’t say its been easy, but has been enriching.

    I’d love to hear from you . . . .

    Your Old Friend and Colleague,

    Elizabeth (Brand) Unpingco

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank you so much for connecting with me!
      I remember you baby, and happy to hear how grown up he is! I believe you it was not easy. This is a secret no mother tells her daughter… But I am glad to hear you, too, found it an enriching experience.
      I wish you can tell me more about you teaching artist. It sounds very “Reggio”-like thing, but may be not. A collaboration with an old friend sounds wonderful.
      Let’s talk!

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