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Sunday, 10/18/09, 1:30 – 6 pm
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“My Blog” has my reflections about children and parent matters;  “Coaching” has information about my work;  “Mission” explains my approach to my work. “Q&A” is where you can get some “best-practices” ideas of what to do with children, and where you can post your own concerns and questions.

I am open to your comments, suggestions, and ideas. Above all I would like to encourage you to be open to play: Play with ideas, play with each other, play with your children.

Please send my link — daliacoachesparents.com — to anyone you know who is involved with small children, and return here periodically to see what’s new. On the drawing board: “Warm-line” for emergency questions, self assessments for different ages, whole-family projects, on-line forums, and small evening get-togethers for over-coffee conversations.

And as I said: Send me a topic or activity that interests you and I will include it in my plans!

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. WOW DALIA!!! How good to hear from you and best of luck with your new venture. I wish at times I could charge for my counseling services. I have a child whom I’ve taken under my wing who’s parents are both drug addicts (not married) who have been in and out of jail and rehab. for the last 2 years. The grandmothers have brought her to me and my challenge is now how to help them get along. They are constantly squabbling over issues like money, clothes, how much sugar the child eats, etc.
    We’ve come so far with Bella and she should just sail through Kindergarten. I hate to see this tension go on. Any ideas???
    Love Donna p.s. (I already wrote to Dr. Phil)

    • Thank you for responding to my invitation, Donna!

      It is true that a teacher’s day-to-day involves a lot of coaching of parents. But the explicit contract is that you are the child’s teacher. As such, you can share your thoughts, feelings, and practices with the parents, but they do not see themselves as your “students.”

      In explicit coaching relationships, the parents do accept their responsibility to be the object of change. Coaching parents as their child’s teacher, you probably experienced many parents who are inspired by what you do and say, as well as parents who listen but would not do anything differently. Other parents do not even listen.

      The first step of intervention in the parent’s relationship is to get their agreement to be coached by you. Do these parents accept you as a coach? Especially now, when their child is moving on to kindergarten?

      If the answer is yes, you can start coaching them directly. If the answer is no, you have to wait and see how much contact they let you have with themselves and the child. I am sure that through this contact you can model a lot of what you would like to see the parents do; but leave it up to them, as bad as it is.

      I know it is hard to send a child out of your program when you feel the work with the parents is not done. Vulnerable children are especially hard for us to say good-bye to. Maybe you can be comforted by the thought that the child might get a wonderful kindergarten teacher who will continue the good work you have begun.

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