What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of creating a relationship with someone who has experience and knowledge in the area of interest, a relationship that can help clarify goals, strategies, and implementation for improvement in that particular area.

In my coaching practice I work with parents of young children on issues such as:

* Clarification of the best aspects of how you were parented, examination of other possibilities, and integration of all into a cohesive approach.
* Immigration and cultural differences, in the family and around the family.
* Stress and worries about child development: What is appropriate? When should outside help be sought?
* Balancing work/family time.
* Co-parenting with your spouse.
* Keeping the joy in child-raising.
* Unleashing your creativity in the time you spend with your children.
* Developing your advocacy skills, to help your children navigate their school systems.
* Balancing work-family time.

A parent coach is a resource–a source of information; a mirror, to help you see your situation more clearly; and a cheerleader, who helps you identify and celebrate milestones in your family’s growth.

I bring to my practice my experience of raising 2 girls (now in their thirties), of becoming a mother in a country I was not raised in and speaking to my children in a language I was not fluent in. I bring to my practice my years of learning the theory and research of child development, and my experience applying them as a preschool teacher and program developer in children’s museums, as well as to my own children.

Throughout my early experiences, my passion for children and their families was growing. After working 6 years in a preschool coop, I discovered that my mission is to work with parents: To share knowledge with them, support their goals, inform them about the road ahead (especially if they came from another country), and guide them in understanding their child’s learning needs enough to become their child’s advocate in elementary school and beyond.

How does it work?

There are many ways coaching can take place: I coach individuals, couples, and groups. I coach by telephone or in person. Most parents enjoy weekly sessions. There is no required minimum numbers of sessions, but 3-4 month seems to be a good balance for many families.

Most parents continue for 6-12 months, since they enjoy the support as they witness their own growth.

For parents who are satisfied with their overall parenting journey but feel stuck in one particular issue – they can schedule a single session with me. An extra pair of eyes and ears, and heart, can often get you “unstuck” quickly and easily.

How much does it cost?

Initial assessment: $150
½-hour session – $45
1-hour session – $85
Monthly ½-hour/week – $160
Monthly 1 hour/week – $320
Comprehensive assessment: $650

Parents are encouraged to email or call between sessions if new things come up.

How do I start?

Call (650/969-6752) or email me. This call will be free of charge and you can ask any questions you like.

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