A different kind of selfy

What is “writing”? Is it limited to letters and numbers–or can it include more? Tell me what you think of this.


  1. Good question! Without heading to a dictionary, I would say that “writing” is any form of non-verbal communication that can be “written” and understood by at least one other person. If it can only be understood by the person “writing,” it might actually be ‘Art.’

    Of course what this woman has done is both art, (yeah creepy but at least not a clown!) and “writing” in that she has communicated something to her audience. The fact that there will be many different opinions as to what she “wrote,” shows how ‘Arty’ she has been.

    I guess all in all, a chimpanzee smearing poop on a wall could indeed be “writing.” If I knew the chimpanzee’s intent, I would be sure. Since it may or may not be understood by another chimpanzee though, I’m guessing it may just be ‘Art!’

    Writing is Art. Art is writing!

    What hath Art wro(ugh)te?



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