White papers and case studies turn your leads into prospects

White papers and case studies attract leads–prospects for your business, who may become your customers. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the studies confirming that white papers and case studies are essential for attracting leads to your technology sales process. The reasons are pretty clear: The decision-maker in your prospective customer’s organization often does not have the technical knowledge to appreciate your product’s features and benefits.


“The white paper you wrote about our engineering documentation products served us very well. I attribute much of the success of our initial campaign to its educational value.”

—Eric Garland, Marketing Lead, Adobe

What’s the best way to help someone learn about your product? Actually, there are two important ways you can support the decision-maker’s exploration of your products:

  • White papers. These are 3-6-page documents that put the features and benefits of your products into terms that can be appreciated by non-technical people.
  • Case studies. Interviews with your successful customers telling of what your products did for them.

Your white papers and case studies should be written by someone who understands your technology and understands sales. I’ve created such materials for companies such as Autodesk, Bentley Systems, IBM, Adobe, Invidia, and many others.

Your technology deserves to be put forth in a way that your prospects can understand. I understand technology. I’ve written 11 books, founded high-tech publications (Computer Graphics World; Extranet News; The Bulletin of the CADD/CAM Institute; others), written regularly for publications such as MACHINE DESIGN, CAE Magazine, PC Magazine, Computerworld, and more.

I have written software and been CTO in startups. I’ve also been a public speaker, focusing on the clarification of technology for non-technologists to many companies and associations.

Your expectations are my priority: I meet or exceed expectations, in terms of timing and quality.

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