My Kindle book is $.99 for the next six days

How To Write A BookMy publisher is participating in an Amazon campaign that puts my Kindle book at a discounted price for the next six days. You can check it out by clicking here.

Actually, here’s a secret: If you are determined to write a good non-fiction book, you can do it without reading my book! Just remember: Structure precedes content. Create an outline of your book, all the way to the sub-chapter level. Work on it until you are pretty happy with it; don’t get bound up in perfectionism. Then write the book, one sub-chapter at a time–and do your best not to fiddle with the structure while you are writing.

Finally, find a decent editor to edit it.

That’s it! Of course, for a tiny investment, you can get the benefit of a bunch of tips and tricks I’ve developed in the course of writing a dozen books and interviewing a bunch of prolific and successful authors. Again, click here to check it out.


  1. Thanks Joel, I took you up on the offer. Hope you’re doing great these days!

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