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The Brain Club is a monthly meeting in San Francisco founded by my friend Phil Dixon. Their presentations are video-streamed. Here is yesterday’s, by Will Henshall, on the subject of focus. More precisely, on the types of music that actually help you focus on the task at hand—say, the book you are writing—and the types that do not. Will, a musician and scientist, has founded a science-based company that lets you play the “right kinds” of music via your web-connected devices. Check out his site here.

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  1. You only discussed audible influences. What contribution comes from Visual influences, i.e., light density? What are the effects on focus, due to the Federal decreases in Light bulbs in our workspaces?

    • Good point! I am not up on the research in that area. Can you share anything?

      • Verne Wheeler says:

        Hi Joel, I am not an expert, but there have been many studies involving light Briliance, Glare, and/or Frequency on your workspace affecting Eyestrain, Efficient work time limits, and Headaches. In light (pardon the pun) of our Governments recent mandates regarding available lihjt bulbs for our homes and/or workspaces, I feel this should rightly be part of the discussion.

  2. Hi Joel,
    Not much response nor discussion, so far, I guess a lot of folks either prefer theerne headaches, or they just don’t care to disagree with anything “government”. Sad, isn’t it?

  3. I think you’re right, Verne. It’s curious.

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