WEbook.com–good for writers?

WEbook is a bit hard to describe. It’s a community of writing-oriented folks; an environment that makes it easy to collaborate on writing projects; and an evolving publishing environment.

You post stuff you write, and invite others to comment on it. You might invite people to collaborate more closely with you.

When your work–non-fiction, fiction, poetry–seems complete to you, you can submit it to the periodic judging process. If the community likes it, WEbook may offer you a publishing contract with reasonably good terms (50% of profit, but defining what constitutes “profit” is always challenging; read their Terms of Use).

When the site first came out, the Terms of Use suffered from excessive complexity, and were widely criticized. The good intentions of the founders did not manifest clearlly in them. WEbook took it all very seriously and modified them.

You don’t give up any rights to your stuff by posting it in WEbook. If you get offered a publishing contract, you don’t have to accept it; your writing belongs to you, and you can take it elsewhere.

All in all, it sounds to me like a good deal for different kinds of writers–novices; people wanting general feedback; people wanting specific help with particular issues; writers wanting to engage with a community.

The writing I found in a quick review of the site was not sophisticated in tone or content. But that’s not a criticism, just an observation.

I like the tools the site offers; I think any writer can put them to good use. Check out the site.

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